China – Over 2 Million Affected as Floods Worsen in South

The flood situation has worsened in southern and central China, with authorities reporting over 20 people dead or missing.

FloodList reported floods in Hunan, Jiangxi and Guangxi province on 08 June. Since then, the flooding has continued or worsened in those provinces and also affected other areas of southern China, in particular Guizhou province.

Local media, quoting China’s Ministry of Emergency Management, said flooding has now affected a total of over 2.6 million people, with 228,000 people displaced and 1,300 homes destroyed since 02 June.

Among the worst hit provinces is Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in southern China, where 6 people have died, 1 million people have been affected and 146,900 displaced. Authorities said river levels remain high in Liuzhou, Laibin, Guigang, Wuzhou and Guilin.

Seven fatalities were reported in central Hunan province, where 321,000 people have been affected and 11,000 people displaced.

Eight people are dead or missing after heavy rain and flooding in Guizhou province, where damage to homes has displaced 2,800 people. Luodian recorded 124.3 mm of rain in 24 hours to 08 June and Sansui in eastern Guizhou province recorded 91.2 mm of rain the following day.

In the province of Jiangxi, flooding has affected almost 380,000 and led to the evacuation of 21,000. Ganzhou city in the south of the province recorded 98.1 mm of rain in 24 hours to 08 June.

River levels were also high in parts of Guangdong Province in southeast China, authorities said. Heavy rain was also recently reported in parts of Hubei Province. In 24 hours to 10 June, Yichang recorded 147.8 mm of rain and Wuhan 140.4 mm.

Featured image: file photo for illustration purposes. Credit: Brandon / Flickr Under CC BY-NC 2.0