Indonesia – Thousands of Homes Damaged by Floods in Bandung

Heavy rain on 25 March caused the Citarum river and its tributaries to overflow in Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

Flooding was reported in Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah, Bojongsoang, Cicalengka and Rancaekek districts, with a depth of over 1 metre in some areas.

According to disaster authorities, as of 26 March more than 10,000 homes have been damaged, along with schools, public buildings and roads. A total of 60,539 people have been affected by the floods, with 39 people reported displaced.

The region is extremely flood-prone. Similar flooding occurred in January this year, as well as January, March, April and May of last year.

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Feature photo: File photo for illustration only. Floods in Bandung 2016. Photo: BNPB