Indonesia – Thousands Affected by Floods in Lamongan, East Java

Thousands of people have been affected by floods in Lamongan Regency of East Java, Indonesia, since 09 April.

Floods in Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia, April 2020. Photo: Government of Lamongan

Around 7,500 houses have been flooded, directly affecting over 25,000 people across several districts of the regency. According to a report of 14 April by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Local Government has responded by providing basic relief items but hasn’t declared an emergency as there was no large displacement.

Local disaster authorities said flooding has affected 67 villages in the districts of Kalitengah, Turi, Glagah, Karangbinangun, Deket, Kecamatan Kota Lamongan, Tikung, Modo, Kedungpring, Kembangbahu, Sukodadi and Babat.

Other areas of East Java province have also been affected by flooding over recent days. Heavy rain caused flash flooding in Jember Regency from around 05 April, affecting over 100 people and damaging buildings. From 09 April flooding affected 6 villages in Parengan in Tuban Regency, East Java, affecting 410 people.

Elsewhere in the country, disaster authorities reported that heavy rain and storms triggered flooding in West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara on 07 April, 2020, damaging over 30 homes and affecting 185 people.

Heavy rain triggered landslides and flooding in 3 provinces of Indonesia – South Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and West Sumatra – over the weekend of 04 to 05 April, 2020. Disaster authorities reported at least 3 fatalities with 2 people missing.

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