(Updated) Indonesia – 5 Fatalities After Floods and Landslides in Bali

Update, 19 October 2022:

Disaster authorities in Indonesia reported more severe weather struck the island on 17 October 2022, causing flash floods and landslides.

One person died in Susut, Bangli Regency and another in flash floods in Jembrana Regency where 117 families were affected and around 45 houses damaged.

Authorities also reported flooding and landslides in Karangasem Regency on 17 October, which left 3 dead, 3 injured, 200 affected and 8 displaced.

Original report, 12 October 2022:

Heavy rain and strong winds caused damage and fatalities on the popular tourist island of Bali, Indonesia.

Flood evacuations and rescues in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia, 08 October 2022 Photo Bali Province BPBD

Disaster authorities said heavy rain fell for around 6 hours, early on 08 October 2022, causing landslides and flooding roads and homes. Flood waters areas of Badung Regency and in Denpasar City were up to 1 metre deep. One person died after being swept away by flood waters in Denpasar. Over 30 people including tourists had to be evacuated from flooded areas of the tourist resort of Seminyak.

A landslide in Gunaksa Village, Bangli Regency caused the road to collapse. As a result of the incident, two cars crashed into landslide debris, leaving 3 people dead and 3 injured.

A construction worker died when heavy rain triggered a landslide at a roadworks project in Taro Village, Gianyar Regency.