Indonesia – Flash Floods in South Sulawesi

At least 1 person has died after flash floods in South Sulawesi, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Floods in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, January 2020. Photo; BNPB

Flooding struck on 12 January, 2020. The worst affected area was Barru Regency, where local disaster officials reported 1 fatality.

In Balusu district in the regency, over 120 households have been left isolated after a local river broke its banks. Homes, roads and bridges were also damaged in Soppeng Riaja and Mallusetasi districts in the regency.

Flooding also occurred in the city of Parepare on 12 January. According to BNPB, Indonesia’s disaster management agency, flooding in the city soon receded.

At least 5 people died and over 6,000 were displaced after flooding in the province in January last year.

Flooding recently affected neighbouring North Sulawesi in early January, 2020, when at least 2 people died, 30 homes were damaged and 80 households displaced.