Iran – 1 Dead, 3 Missing After Floods Hit South Khorasan Province

Flooding has once again hit parts of Iran following the devastating floods of March and April this year, when at least 78 people were killed during weeks of severe weather.

Iranian Red Crescent reported on 22 May, 2019, that at least person has died and 3 are missing after flooding hit several counties of South Khorasan province.

The South Khorasan provincial Red Crescent branch dispatched 13 operational teams to the flood-affected counties which include Tabas, Darmian, Sarayan, Sarbisheh and Birjand.

Red Crescent said that 4 people missing in the flood in Sarbisheh county were found by relief workers, but one woman lost her life. Three people are still missing after floods in Darmian county. Relief workers are continuing with search operations. Around 40 houses have been damaged.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency News Agency reported further deaths as a result of severe weather, in particular lightning strikes across several areas of the country over the last 2 weeks.

Tasnim News Agency reported that flooding caused by heavy rains on 16 to 17 May destroyed 1 house and damaged at least 10 others in Kalat Nadar in Iran’s northeastern Razavi Khorasan Province.

Over 250,000 Still Displaced

The country is still struggling to recover from the floods of of March and April earlier this year, where 4,400 villages across 25 of the country’s 31 provinces were affected. As many as 25,000 houses were reportedly damaged or destroyed.

Last week Iranian Deputy Roads Minister Abdol-Hashem Hassan Nia said that around 14,000 km of roads and about 3,000 metres of bridges were damaged in the March and April flooding.

Two months after the onset of the emergency, official data shows that around 269,000 people are still displaced.