Malaysia – Hundreds Evacuated After Floods in Johor

Malaysia‘s National Disaster Command Centre (NDCC) reports that over 700 people have evacuated their homes after flooding in Johor State.

All those displaced are in Kota Tinggi District. Some areas of the district were under flood water up to 1 metre deep. Nearby Mersing recorded 141mm of rain in 24 hours to 09 December, 2019.

As of 09 December 2019, 729 people (165 families) were staying in relief centres in the district.

Johor Fire and Rescue Department reported that 1 person was rescued after a vehicle was swept away by flood water near Labis in Segamat District.

At least 2 people died and over 15,000 people were displaced after flooding in the states of Kelantan and Terengganu that began in late November. The flood situation in both states has improved over the last few days and there are no reports of evacuations.

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