Oman – Deadly Flash Floods in Dhofar Province

Three people have died in flash flooding in Oman‘s Dhofar province.

Floods in Salalah, Oman, late May 2020. Photo: PACDA

Days of stormy weather brought heavy rain, triggering flooding in the southern province, in particular in the provincial capital Salalah. Oman Meteorology reported that, in a period from 27 to 31 May, Mirbat in Dhofar province recorded 351 mm of rain, Sadah 262 mm and Salalah 202 mm. Further rain is expected.

The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) said one person died when a house collapsed and another when a vehicle was swept away by water in Salalahon 31 May. On e fatality was reported the previous day when a man died in flood waters attempting to cross a wadi.

PACDA rescued dozens of people from flood waters, many of them from stranded vehicles. Authorities also evacuated around 100 people and delivered food to residents stranded in villages on the outskirts of Salalah.

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