Pakistan – Deadly Flash Floods Hit Islamabad After ‘Cloudburst’

Flash floods swept through parts of Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan on 28 July 2021 after what officials described as a “cloudburst” dumped heavy rainfall.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad visited E-11 and surroundings. after floods. Photo: Government of Islamabad Capital Territory

Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Muhammed Hamza Shafqaat said a “cloudburst in Islamabad has caused flooding in various areas. Teams are clearing nullahs and roads. Hopefully we will be able to clear everything in an hour. Everyone is requested to please cooperate and restricted unnecessary movement…”

Pakistan Meteorological Department said Islamabad and surrounding areas received heavy downpour of monsoon rainfall during the morning hours from 0500 PST till 0630 PST, 28 July 2021. Saidpur, a village just to the north of Islamabad recorded 123 mm of rain in a few hours, while Golra Sharif, a town situated near the Margalla Hills in the Islamabad Capital Territory next to the E-11 sector recorded 103 mm.

Videos shared on Social Media showed cars swept along city streets like boats. Police said 2 people from the same family died after floods entered the basement of a house in sector E11/2.

As of 28 July city authorities had begun clean-up operations.

Areas of Pakistan have seen floods and landslides since the start of the monsoon. Over 20 people died in rain-related incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in northern Pakistan from mid-July.

Local media quoting official sources from the government of Balochistan Province said 21 people had died as a result of severe weather including floods, landslides and heavy monsoon rainfall from 15 to 19 July 2021. Neighbouring areas of Iran were also affected during this time.

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