Turkey – 2 Dead, 5 Missing After Floods and Landslides in Düzce Province

Heavy rain from 17 July 2019  cause severe flooding and landslides in northwestern Turkey, with at least 2 dead and 5 still missing.

Floods in Duzce Province, Turkey, July 2019. Photo: AFAD Turkey

Over 20 villages in Düzce province have been affected in Akçakoca, Gölyaka and Cumayeri districts. Seven people were announced as missing in Esmahanim, Akçakoca, on 18 July. Since then search and resuce operations have located 2 bodies and 5 remain missing.

Blocked roads left some communities isolated and emergency services have rescued at least 219 people stranded in the districts of Akcakoca and Cumayeri, according to the Duzce governor’s office. Almost 200 people were moved to temporary accommodation or to houses of friends or relatives.

Searches for the missing were ongoing, involving 205 personnel, 33 vehicles, 15 boats, 8 Dogs and 3 aircraft.

According to a statement from the governor’s office, 84.7 mm of rain fell in Akçakoca district on 17 July, 75 mm in Cumayeri district, 72 mm in Çilimli district and 161.7 mm in Kardüz Plateau.

Flood rescue in Duzce Province, Turkey, July 2019

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