Vietnam – 2 Dead After Storms, Floods and Landslides Hit North West

Heavy rainfall in Vietnam caused flash floods and landslides in the north western provinces of Lai Châu, Dien Bien and Lao Cai from 24 June, 2019.

Disaster authorities in the country reported that 1 person died after being swept away by flood water in Muong Te district, Lai Châu. Three people are still missing in the floods. Another person died as a result of lightning strike in Dien Bien province.

Several houses were destroyed by flooding in Muong Te district and around 30 households have been displaced. Flooding also damaged 24 houses in Sa Pa and Bac Ha districts of Lao Cai. Rice crops have also been severely damaged across affected areas.

Local media reported that at one point, around 1,500 households from 8 villages were left isolated by flooding and landslides blocking roads in Muong Te district.

File photo: Rain in Vietnam. Photo: clurross / Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0