Solomon Islands – Landslide Leaves 2 Dead, 6 Missing

Police in the Solomon Islands report that 2 people have died and 6 are missing after heavy rain triggered a landslide on Guadalcanal Island.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have been deployed to Lambi, west Guadalcanal to investigate the landslide which reportedly buried 8 eight people.

RSIPF said, “Initial reports say eight people including children were covered by the land slide when it washed down to the village from a nearby hill yesterday (12 March 2020). Two dead bodies have already been recovered while the others are still missing.”

Other parts of the country have also seen heavy rain over the last few days. Tigoa, Rennell Island recorded 365mm of rain in 24 hours to 13 March, 2020.

The rain has triggered flooding which has blocked or damaged roads and bridges in on Guadalcanal and Malaita Islands. The Taba river broke its banks in North Malaita.