1 Dead After Flash Floods in Tuscany

Heavy rainfall that started during the evening of 20th October and continued into yesterday, 21st October, led to flash floods across areas of Tuscany, Italy.

One man, aged 52, died in his car when it was stuck in an underpass just outside the town of Asciano, in the province of Siena. There are also some reports of a woman still missing in the floods in the area of ​​Serre di Rapolano.

This is the third time this month that severe flooding has struck in Italy. Puglia suffered from floods on Monday, 7th October (see the FloodList report here), and floods hit again in Tuscany on 6th October 2013, which killed 2 people.

This time around the worst affected area is the Province of Siena, where a storm struck over night of 20th October, resulting in heavy rainfall of around 20cm in just a few hours, and flash floods.

Floods Siena Tuscany

SevereWeather.eu figures state that some areas saw over 30cm of rain in just 12 hours. Below are the rainfall figures for a 12 hour period from 20th to 21st October:

344.0 mm / 12h – Barga
310.4 mm / 12h – Gallicano
297.8 mm / 12h – Fornovolasco – Vergemoli
290.4 mm / 12h – Ponte di Campia
240.2 mm / 12h – Acquerino – Sambuca Pistoiese
223.2 mm / 12h – Careggine
223.0 mm / 12h – Cardoso – Stazzema
208.4 mm / 12h – Campagrina – Stazzema
205.8 mm / 12h – Tereglio – Coreglia Antelminelli
204.2 mm / 12h – Pian di Novello – Cutigliano
201.8 mm / 12h – Calavorno – Coreglia Antelminelli

Rainfall figures and Photo Source: Severe-weather.eu


Other sources: Centro Meteo Italiano ; Firenze Repubblica