Bosnia – Evacuations After Rivers Overflow

Snow melt and heavy rain caused rivers in Bosnia to overflow from 05 February, 2019.

Bridges, roads, homes and farm land have been damaged. Teams from Bosnia’s Federal Civil Protection Administration (Federalna Uprava Civilne Zaštite – FUCZ) have been assisting in affected areas.

Temperatures rose from sub-zero last week to around 15C. Some areas also saw heavy rain, including Mostar, which recorded 59mm in 24 hours to 04 February, and Trebinje, which recorded 66mm during the same period.

Busovača, Zenica and Kiseljak were among the areas worst affected by flooding. A state of disaster was declared in Zenica and Kiseljak. Around 30 people were evacuated by FUCZ teams in Busovaca. Evacuations were also carried out in Topcic Polje.

In Ilidza on the outskirts of Sarajevo, the overflowing Zeljeznica river caused a bridge to partially collapse.

Floods in Bosnia, February 2019, after higher temperatures caused snow and ice to melt, increasing river levels. Photo: Federalna Uprava Civilne Zaštite

Explosives Unearthed

FUCZ in Bosnia said teams were called on to remove explosives from the from the 1990s Balkan War dislodged by the recent flooding in locations around Zenica.

Dislodged land mines and explosives were a major problem after the floods of 2014. Later drones were used to locate landmines unearthed by the flooding, although it is thought that thousands still remain.

Flooding around Zenica unearthed explosives from the 1990s Balkan War. Photo: Federalna Uprava Civilne Zaštite