Spain – Deadly Flash Floods in Navarre Region

Over 100mm of rain fell in just a few hours in north-eastern Spain, causing flash floods in the Navarre region on 08 July, 2019.

Flood damage in Navarre, Spain, 08 July 2019. Photo: Bomberos Navarra

According to Meteo Navarra, the town of Guetádar recorded 158.9 mm of rain in 24 hours on 08 July, and Tafalla 100.2 mm.

The rain caused the Cidacos (Zidacos) river to break its banks, flooding areas around the towns of Tafalla, Olite, Pueyo, Pitillas and Beire. The municipality of Tafalla has been declared catastrophic zone.

Civil Protection said that levels of the Cidacos river at Olite jumped from 0.18 metres to 5.75 metres, and the flow rate from 0.3 to 262.3 m3/s. Although not yet confirmed, this is possibly a record high level for the river in Olite.

The regional government said that the material damage caused by the flooding was far-reaching, affecting cars, garages, storerooms, basements, shops, industries, sports areas and the N-121 road between Pamplona and Tudela. Rail transport was also interrupted, as was power supply to thousands of homes.

The government of Navarre said would take 1 to 2 months to repair the damages on the national N-121 road. Dozens of other roads, including parts of the AP-15, were also closed.

Images on Social Media showed car being dragged along streets by flood water. The regional fire service said that, as of 09 July, they were continuing to find abandoned cars trapped in flood waters.

One fatality was reported as a result of the floods after a man drowned in his vehicle in the municipality of Ezprogui.

Flood damage in Navarre, Spain, 08 July 2019. Photo: Policia Navarra

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