Spain – Flash Floods in Andalusia After 46mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Severe weather, including heavy rainfall, hail and strong winds, caused damage in parts of southern and central Spain on 11 August 2020.

In Andalusia, emergency services responded to over 130 calls for assistance in the provinces of Córdoba and Seville.

In Córdoba, homes and roads were flooded in the towns of Castro del Río, Puente Genil, Bélmez and Palma del Río , as well as parts of the provincial capital Córdoba, according to the regional government.

Emergency services responded to around 30 calls in the province of Seville. Several roads were cut by flood waters and a driver was rescued from a stranded vehicle. Storm damage interrupted power supply in Herrera.

The worst of the flooding occurred in the municipality of Estepa, where several homes were damaged as flood waters raced through streets. Videos shared on Social Media showed dramatic footage of a wall collapsing in the town of Estepa.

Local observers recorded 85mm of rain in 2 hours in the Estepa. Spain’s Meteorological Agency AEMET said Córdoba airport recorded 57.6 mm of rain on 11 August, with 46.4 mm falling in just 1 hour and 16.8 mm in 10 minutes.

Meanwhile in Castilla-La Mancha Region, flash flooding was reported in the town of Cebolla in Toledo Province, causing minor damages. Flash floods caused severe damage in the town in September 2018.

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