Spain – Dramatic Flash Floods in Zaragoza After 20mm of Rain in 10 Minutes

Firefighters in Zaragoza, capital of the Aragón Region of Spain, carried out multiple high-water rescues after raging flash floods swept through the city.

The region was hit by a series of storms in a short period on during the afternoon and evening of 06 July 2023. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reported the town of Alcañiz in Teruel Province recorded 46 mm of rain in a few hours, with 27.6 mm falling in just 10 minutes. Meanwhile in the region capital Zaragoza, the weather station at Valdespartera in the city recorded 54 mm during the storm, and 19.6 mm in 10 minutes.

The government of Aragón said numerous roads were cut and homes were flooded in areas of Teruel and Zaragoza Provinces. Residents of a flooded house in Alcañiz were evacuated and relocated to a hostel. Heavy hail destroyed fruit crops in Bajo Aragón, Calatayud and Cariñena.

Videos shared on Social Media showed raging flood waters sweeping through central parts of the city of Zaragoza, in particular along the Z-30 road in the Parque Venecia neighbourhood. Firefighters had to rescue around a dozen people who were trapped on the roof of their vehicles or clinging to trees. Flood depth was estimated at 2 metres. Six of those rescued were taken to hospital for assessments or minor injuries. A school building was severely damaged and several other roads in the city were flooded. Rail and tram transport in the area were also negatively impacted.

Roads and homes were also flooded in Cuarte de Huerva and Cadrete outside the city. The roof of a building was destroyed by heavy rain in El Burgo de Ebro, to the south east of Zaragoza. Two residents were evacuated, unharmed.

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