Floods in Sudan, August 2013

Heavy rainfall for over 2 days has resulted in flooding in several states in Sudan. Floods have hit various states including including, Khartoum, Kassala, Al-Gadarif, White Nile, South Kordofan, and the Blue Nile. Although serious damage was done to infrastructure and housing, no fatalities have been reported so far. However, further heavy rain is expected.

Hashim Hussein Abdel-Mageed, Sudan’s General Directorate of Civil Defense (GDCD) said in statements on 2nd August:

Floods had cut off the road linking Atbara to Abu Hamad in the River Nile state as well as the highway in locality of Durdaib in Red Sea state, adding that the Ministry of roads and bridges is exerting huge efforts to repair the damage.

He added:

flash floods have also overrun Al-Gaulid locality in the Northern state, Al-Rusairs in the Blue Nile state and North Kordofan state causing some damages, pointing out that the most affected areas in Khartoum state are the east Nile locality and Khartoum north locality.

The Supreme Council of Civil Defense (SCCD) is working closely with the Ministry of Roads and Bridges and disclosed that several teams were deployed to the affected areas to provide aid and shelter, pointing to the efforts of the civil society organizations as well.

The area that suffered the heaviest rainfall was the River Nile state. Sudan’s General Authority for Meteorology (GAM) said that Atbara registered 5.6 cm of rain and Shendi 4.3 cm. Further heavy rainfall is expected.

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Sudan Floods 2012

Last year between June and October Sudan saw the highest rainfall levels for 6 years which resulted in severe floods across 17 states of the country. 177,000 people were displaced during those floods, and 49 deaths were reported. Almost 40,000 houses were either damaged or destroyed.

Sudan Floods 2007

In July 2007 floods affetced various Sudan states including the states of Kassala, Khartoum, North Kurdufan, Unity State, and Upper Nile. According to Wikipedia, 750,000 people were homeless or in need of emergency shelter due to a destroyed home. There were reports of 64 dead and 335 injured.

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