Canada – Windsor Floods Cause Over $100 Million in Insured Damage

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) reports that flooding which impacted the Windsor and Tecumseh areas of Ontario, Canada, at the end of September has resulted in almost $108 million in insured damage according to Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ).

During the night of 28 to 29 September, 2016, heavy rain fell over Windsor, Tecumseh, Leamington, and Essex County in southwestern Ontario resulting in significant flooding across the region. Windsor and Tecumseh bore the brunt of the flooding and a state of emergency was declared on the evening of 29 September. Parts of neighbouring Michigan in the USA were also affected.

“Flood events are happening across Canada with more frequency and with greater severity,” said Kim Donaldson, Vice-President, Ontario, IBC. “It is important that Canadians understand their insurance policies and that they know what’s covered before bad weather strikes.”

Over 6,000 home, auto, and business claims were filed with insurers following the flood. IBC deployed its Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion to the Windsor area on 30 September and helped local consumers with any insurance-related issues they had.

Flood Summary

Last updated: October 3, 2016
Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada, September 2016
September 29 to September 30, 2016
Flash flood
Extreme rainfall


A - Detroit (United States)
B - Windsor (Canada)
C - Tecumseh (Canada)


Rainfall level
83 mm in 24 hours
Windsor, Ontario, Canada - September 28 to September 29, 2016
Rainfall level
115 mm in 24 hours
Detroit, Michigan, USA - September 28 to September 29, 2016
Rainfall level
150 mm in 24 hours
Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada - September 28 to September 29, 2016


Buildings damaged
Ontario - September 28 to September 29, 2016