Floods in Pakistan, August 2013 (Updated)

Update 3rd August 2013:

  • Flash floods in Bagh District as well as Chitral
  • 3 people killed as car swept away in floods in Bagh
  • 1 person killed in flooded Bagh village
  • 2 people are reported missing in flood waters in Hajeera near Rawlakot
  • Bridge between Chitral and Boni washed away
  • National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) offer disaster relief to Chitral

Original Report 2nd August 2013:
Heavy monsoon rains have caused chaos and damage in Chitral District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, northern Pakistan, triggering flash floods across the district.

There were reports yesterday that 8 houses and several other buildings, including mosques and shops were damaged by the floods. Today the reports signify that the flooding has worsened and there are now 150 houses reported as damaged, but also 45 houses have been completely washed away by the flood waters, with many people having to evacuate the area.

Drinking water supply and electricity has also been affected. No fatalities have been reported. Bridges and roads have been damaged and there are some reports that farmland and livestock have been also been damaged. Large amounts of of lumber stocks from the forestry sector there have been swept away by the flood waters causing further economic hardship.

The district’s capital Chitral town is situated on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Kunar River’s western bank. The area is mountainous – ominously similar to Uttarakhand in India and Chitral town stands at the foot of the Hindu Kush’s highest peak, the Tirich Mir. The heavy rainfall is expected to continue in the region until Saturday 3rd August at least.

Elsewhere in Pakistan, Balochistan has experienced some flooding after heavy rainfall, with the Tali and Nari rivers overflowing. Punjab is experiencing some rain, and is still recovering from the flooding that occurred there on 20th July. Sindh province has so far escaped any particularly heavy rainfall.

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Sources: Pakistan Tribune, Pakistan Today