Malaysia Floods Update

Floods in Malaysia, which at first only affected Pahang and Johor states, have now spread to a wider area, including Terengganu, and since yesterday, Kelantan.

Numbers evacuated so far:

  • Kelantan – 232
  • Terengganu – 2811 (1 person reported killed in the floods, another missing)
  • Pehang – 9030 (2 people reported killed)
  • Johor – 5,659

Rain continues in all areas, although some reports claim it is easing in Pehang. Flooding continues in all 4 states affected, especially where river levels are high.


The areas of Kampung Guchil and Manek Urai Lama have been worst affected. Around 232 victims from those districts evacuated from their houses to move to relief centres nearby.


Media reports claim that the rain isn’t showing any signs of easing and many of the state’s rivers are either overflowing or close to danger levels.

Some media reports say that the Malaysia floods have claimed their first victim, a 17 year old boy, who was found dead in the floods in Sungai Pelantoh in Kampung Padang Kubu, Kijal in Terengganu. The boy is thought to have drowned. Another child is reported as still missing in the floods in Kijal.

2,811 people have now been evacuated in Kemaman, Dungun and Hulu districts, Terengganu. 1,842 of those are in Kemaman. The river in Dungun, the Sungai Dungun, rose to 39.19 metres, more than two metres above the danger level.

Dungun Floods. Photo:
Dungun Floods. Photo:


A man and his son have been reported as killed in in Perkampungan Sungai Isap. Their small boat was swept away on the strong river current and both drowned in the floods. Their bodies were recovered a few hours later. Apparently they had attempted to cross the river in order to retireve a few items from their flooded house.

Meanwhile, the floods have worsened yet again in Pehang, despite some reports that the rain has eased. Around 9,030 people have evacuated their homes to seek shelter at one of the many relief centres set up in the districts of Kuantan, Rompin, Maran, Pekan and Jerantut.

Kuantan Floods. Photo:
Kuantan Floods. Photo:

In Kuantan the Fire and Rescue operations centre said although the heavy rain has stopped, the flood water had risen in many areas. To make matters worse, there have been power outages and telephone communications have been unstable.

malaysia floods
Kuantan Floods. Photo:

Many roads have been inundated with as much as 1 metre of water, making them impassable for most vehicles. One of the major roads in the area to Sungai Lembing was completely blocked on 3 December 2013 when the Sungai Charu bridge collapsed.

Kuantan Floods. Ohoto:
Kuantan Floods. Ohoto:


Malaysia’s Meteorological Department has forecast intermittent rain for the state for the next 24 hours.

In Johor, the number of flood victims rose to 5,659, with people in Segamat particularly badly affected. Other affected districts are Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Muar and Kluang.

Mersing Floods. Photo:
Mersing Floods. Photo:

Relief centres have been set up in all of the affected areas. Roads have been blocked, but no casualties have been reported in Johor as a result of the floods there.

Mersing Floods. Photo:
Mersing Floods. Photo:

Sources: NST; Malaysia Digest

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