Solomon Islands – Floods Recede but Death Toll Rises

Update 10 April 2014:

some media reports now claim that 28 people have been confirmed dead, with 40 still missing. Aid agencies are warning of an outbreak of disease, such as diarrhoea, conjunctivitis and mosquito-borne dengue fever which had already affected some local residents before the floods. It is feared that disease could spread through relief camps where thousands are living after being displaced by the flooding.

Original Report of 9 April 2014:

A few days of drier weather in the Solomon Islands have helped the flooding recede and river levels subside. Many of the rivers in the Guadalcanal province are said to be back to normal levels.

Meanwhile, the relief and aid efforts have started to bring in food and drinking water supplies, as well as other essential items such as medical supplies. The aid effort is being led by the government, partnered by UN agencies, the Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam, Save the Children and other NGOs.

There are still around 10,000 people living in evacuation centres in Honiara. Sadly the death toll has risen further since our last report here, as more bodies are found in the wreckage and flood debris. Solomon Islands National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) now say that a total of 23 people are now confirmed dead, with several more people still missing.

Below are some striking photos of the Solomon Islands floods disaster and the ensuing humanitarian effort. Too view the full collection, visit our Pinterest page here.

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