71 People Killed in Mozambique Floods

Mozambique’s National Disaster Management Institute today confirmed that 71 people have died in the flooding that has ravaged parts of the country over the last 10 days.

The worst affected province is Zambezia, where 49 of the victims died. The area has been badly hit by flooding after the Licugno river overflowed. The province of Nampula has also been badly affected by flooding caused by heavy rainfall over the last two weeks.

The country’s authorities have set up 34 relief centres to house those displaced by the floods. It is understood that around 30,000 people are currently staying in the centres.

Rescue and relief operations are being hampered by the closure of parts of the north-south highway in Zambezia province. Several communities are thought to be isolated as a result.

A group of 18 people, including 15 children, who were taking part in a coming-of-age ritual went missing in the floods late last week. The Mozambique authorities reported yesterday that all members of the group have been rescued and are safe.

Parts of south-eastern Africa have seen heavy rainfall since the start of the year. Malawi and Zimbabwe have also seen severe flooding.