Algeria – 10 Dead or Missing After Flash Floods in Chlef Province

At least 10 people died or are missing after flash floods in Chlef Province of Algeria on 06 March 2021.

Civil Protection Search Operations After Floods in Chlef Province, Algeria, March 2021. Photo: Civil Protection Algeria

Civil Protection said that the Chlef Province experienced heavy rainfall on 06 March, causing the Wadi Meknasa to flood in an areas of the Oud Sly Commune, west of the city of Chlef. Three vehicles were swept away in the flooding and nearby houses damaged.

As of 07 March, 7 fatalities had been reported as a result of the floods. Five of the deceased are believed to be from the same family. Civil Protection and other emergency workers continue to search for 3 missing people.

Severe flooding recently affected the province of Jijel in northern Algeria after 140mm of rain fell in 24 hours to 21 December.

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