Algeria – 6 Dead After Further Heavy Rain and Floods

Recent heavy rainfall has once again led to devastating flooding in multiple provinces of Algeria, marking the second occurrence of such incidents within a two-week period.

Fatalities have been reported in the provinces of Saïda and Laghouat over the past few days, highlighting the severity of the situation. On 03 June 2023, two men lost their lives in Laghouat Province’s municipality of Beidha when their vehicle was swept away by floodwaters. Witnesses recount that the driver attempted to navigate through a flooded river, resulting in the vehicle being overturned and dragged by the raging currents.

The Civil Protection authorities in Algeria confirmed on 04 June that four individuals had died in separate flooding incidents in Saïda Province.

It is worth noting that Algeria experienced heavy rainfall and flooding toward the end of May this year. From 24 May onwards, Civil Protection teams were engaged in various rescue and evacuation operations across provinces such as Algiers, Blida, Tébessa, Oum El Bouaghi, Tipaza, Boumerdes, El Tarf, Batna, and Guelma. The floods caused significant damage to houses, led to the sweeping away of vehicles from roads, and severely disrupted transportation systems.

In Guelma Province, a young person tragically lost their life in floodwaters within the municipality of Bou Hachana. Furthermore, in Tipaza Province, a young person died when a house wall collapsed due to the flooding.

Civil Protection authorities reported additional instances of flooding in Boumerdes Province between 30 and 31 May. The municipalities of Buduao, Qorso, and Boumerde were affected, but damage was minimal, as confirmed by the Civil Protection.

Flood damage in Algeria, May 2023. Photo: Civil Protection Algeria