Angola – 9 Killed in Floods in Luanda

At least 9 people have died in floods in the Municipality of Cacuaco, in the north of Luanda, Angola, according to news agency ANGOP.

Quoting information from Cacuaco’s fire service, ANGOP say that two victims died in the Pescadores neighbourhood, and the several others were swept away by water when in the Pedreira neighbourhood. A search for the bodies is being carried out by fire service teams.

Rain and floods also affected the areas of Ceramica, Mateba, Paraiso and Augusto Ngangula. Homes, and transport infrastructure have all suffered damage.

Around 70 mm of rain was recorded in Luanda between 16 and 19 April 2016.

Elsewhere in Angola, authorities in Bié Province in central Angola, say that during the first four months of 2016, as many as 6,235 people were displaced by floods and heavy rain. ANGOP say that the information was released earlier this week by a spokesman for civil protection and fire department.

Some homes have been completely destroyed and families left homeless. Schools, hospitals and religious buildings have also been damaged. At least 7 people have been killed and 7 injured, either as a result of flooding or lightning strikes.