Angola Floods – 1 Dead, 500 Homeless in Cuanza Sul

Local media are reporting that heavy rainfall and floods from 28 to 29 March 2015 have caused serious damage and loss of life in the western province of Cuanza Sul, Angola.

Quoting reports by the Civil Protection commission for the municipalities of Sumbe and Porto Amboim, ANGOP, the Angola News Agency, say that the heavy rain left one person dead, 3 injured, and around 150 homes destroyed.

Overall the floods in Sumbe and Porto Amboim have affected 2,160 people, with around 500 of those left homeless. Local authorities are relocating those in affected areas. A temporary camp has been set up in nearby Pomba Nova to safely house those displaced.

3 Deadly Floods in 4 Weeks in Angola

This is the third major flood event to hit Angola this year. On 12 March 2015, over 60 people died in floods in Lobito, which is about 180 km south of Sumbe.

A few days earlier, torrential rain and resulting floods damaged 1,000s of homes in several municipalities around Luanda. One person died in the floods which affected the Viana, Cacuaco and Belas districts of the city.