Angola – Luanda Flash Floods Leave 14 Dead, Hundreds of Homes Damaged

Update, 23 April 2021:

On 21 April Luanda Provincial Government gave an updated statement on the flood situation in Luanda Province. The government said that 24 fatalities had been reported as a result of the flooding.

As many as 2,289 homes were damaged and 60 destroyed, affecting 11,000 people. Other damages includes 14 schools, 4 health centres and 4 bridges.

Original report, 20 April 2021:

Heavy rain and flash floods in Luanda, capital of Angola, caused fatalities and widespread damage on 19 April 2021.

Floods in Luanda Angola, 19 April 2021. Photo: Government of Luanda

According to a report from the Government of Luanda Province, as of late 19 April, preliminary figures showed 14 people had died, 2 were injured, 1,617 homes flooded and 16 collapsed. As many as 8,165 people are thought to have been displaced or severely affected as a result.

Roads in the south of the city were closed after a bridge of the Camorteiro River in the municipality of Talatona was partially destroyed.

Flooding came after a period of heavy rain early on 19 April. Drainage channels blocked by garbage reportedly worsened the situation.

Electrocution and collapse of homes are among the causes that resulted in losses of human lives. Five fatalities were reported in the city of Luanda, with others reported in the surrounding municipalities of Cazenga (3), Cacuaco (2), Viana (2) and Kilamba Kiaxi (2).

Governor of Luanda Province, Joana Lina Ramos Baptista Cândido expressed condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.

This is the second severe flood event in 4 weeks in the city. Severe flash floods triggered by heavy rain affected areas of Luanda Province from 16 March 2021. National Civil Protection and Fire Service quoted by local media said at least 4 people died and 3 people were missing.

Cuanza Sul Province

Heavy rain had earlier affected areas of the country further south. Angola’s Ministry of the Interior reported a young person died and 2 were injured after heavy rain caused damage in Sumbe City, Cuanza Sul Province, on 16 April 2021. Sumbe is about 250km south of Luanda.