April 2013 Floods Summary

April 2013 we had more than April showers. Here’s a quick summary of the major floods that took place across the globe during April 2013. Forgive us if we have missed any, and please leave a comment below to let us know.

Argentina – Buenos Aires and La Plata
1 to 3rd April. 350,000 inhabitants of La Plata were hit by the floods. 57 people in La Plata are known to have died as a consequence of the floods, and 8 people in Buenos Aires.

Further flooding n Mozambique, which has gone on almost continuously since October last year. As a result of this continuous flooding, 150,000 people in Mozambique have been displaced.

Torrential rain storms resulted in many flash floods across Kenya, leaving 70 people dead and 100,000 displaced according to this news report:

Mauritius – Port Louis
Just coming at the end of March, but the after affects still resonated throughout April, Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius was badly hit by flooding leaving at least 11 people dead. The flooding was caused by torrential rainfall, with about 15cm of rain in under 2 hours.

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
April 10th flash floods hit the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The floods were a result of torrential rainfall, which reports say lasted little more than 1 hour. However it was still enough to bring the city to a standstill, as roads were flooded and all transport systems affected.

Indonesia – Jakarta
April 19 and 20th. Some of Jakarta’s many rivers flooded after heavy rainfall. More than 1000 homes were affected.

Afghanistan – Balkh Province
April 25, heavy rain and flash floods killed at least 17 people in the Balkh province in northern Afghanistan.

USA – Midwest
Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri were the areas most badly affected. The floods were caused by heavy rainfall at record-setting levels. The Illinois and Mississippi rivers, as well as countless smaller rivers, were at flood levels. There were reports of up to 5 deaths as a result of the floods. One feature of these spring floods was that they hit urban areas also, such as Chicago. See this video for an overview of the floods there:

USA – Texas
Houston was hit hard by flash flooding on April 27 / 28. 46,000 homes were left without electricity and dozens of people were left stranded in their cars.