Benin – Warnings as Rivers Rise, Floods in South Leave 1 Dead

Overflowing rivers and heavy rains have caused floods in the south of Benin. One person has died in Zou Department.

Flooding is likely to worsen and affect wide areas of the country over the coming days, Civil Protection in Benin warned. Rising levels of the Niger and Ouémé rivers could affect as many as 900,000 people across the two river basins, Civil Protection said.

As of 21 August the Ouémé at Zagnanado in Zou Department was already at 8.97 metres and above the danger mark (red warning level). Further south in Ouémé Department the Ouémé river at Bonou stood at 6.85 metres (orange waning) and at 4.55 metres (orange warning) at Adjohoun.

Local media reported severe flooding in the town of Zagnanado in the southern Zou department. One person died in the floods according to local officials, who warned that flooding may force many residents to leave their homes.

Meanwhile further north the Niger River at Malanville in Alibori Department of northeastern Benin stood at 8.23 metres, also at orange warning level.

Over 7,000 people were forced from their homes in the communes of Kandi, Karimama and Malanville in the Alibori Department after flooding from the Niger river in October 2020.

River levels in Benin, 21 August 2021. Image: Agence Nationale de Protection Civile