Benin – 7,000 Displaced by Niger River Floods in North East

Civil Protection in Benin reports that around 7,000 people have been displaced by flooding in the communes of Kandi, Karimama and Malanville in the Alibori Department of northeastern Benin.

Six people have died as a direct result of flooding in the area, and a further 23 water-related deaths were reported, including boating accidents, Civil Protection said. Some relief supplies have been distributed to affected families.

Flood warnings were issued for the region in mid-August. Levels of the Niger at Malanville have been above “red alert” level of 8.45 metres since 11 August 2020. As of 17 September, the river reached 10.07 metres. Levels has since fallen slightly and as of 24 September stood at 9.85 metres.

Levels of the Sota river have also been extremely high since mid-August. The river runs through Alibori Department and empties into the Niger River at Malanville. As of in June the river stood at 2.5 metres at the hydro station in Couberi, located near its confluence with the Niger River at Malanville. As of 15 September levels stood at 10.27 metres.

The swollen Niger river has caused flooding in Niger, including the capital Niamey, and parts of Nigeria in recent weeks, in particular in Kogi state where as many as 50,000 people were reportedly displaced.

Over the last few days heavy rainfall has been reported in parts of northern Benin. Natitingou, capital of Atakora Department, recorded more than 300mm of rain in 48 hours to 01 October 2020.

Levels of the Niger river at Malanville in Benin, June to September 2020. Image: SATH-NBA
Levels of the Sota river at Couberi, near Malanville in Benin, June to September 2020- SATH-NBA

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