Burundi – 2,000 Displaced by Floods and Rain in 6 Provinces

Severe weather, including strong winds, heavy rain and flooding has left almost 2,000 displaced and destroyed or severely damaged hundreds of homes in Burundi since 14 January. Over 12,000 people have been affected.

According to a report by the International Organization for Migration, six of the country’s 18 provinces have been affected; Citiboke, Bujumbura Mairie, Bujumbura Rural, Bururi, Rutana and Ruyigi.

The rain has also damaged several roads, a bridge and parts of the water network. Widespread damage to crops and fields has also been reported.

The commune of Rugombo in Cibitoke Province in north-western Burundi is among the worst affected, in particular the areas of Rusiga, Kagazi, Cibitoke, and Rusororo. Seven people have been injured and around 2,500 people affected. Around 140 homes have been totally destroyed, with a further 300 partially destroyed. The heavy rain has displaced around 1,400 people in Rugombo.

Also badly hit is Mpinga-Kayove commune in Rutana Province, southeastern Burundi, where over 3,300 have been affected and 25 displaced. Roads, water infrastructure and fields have been damaged, and around 20 homes damaged or destroyed.

Flooding and landslides in March last year in Burundi left at least 6 people dead and destroyed over 160 homes.

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Flood Summary

Last updated: January 25, 2018
Burundi, January 2018
January 14, 2018
Flash flood
Extreme rainfall, Long-term rainfall


A - Rugombo
B - Mpinga-Kayove
C - Bujumbura Mairie
D - Bujumbura Rural
E - Bururi
F - Ruyigi


January 14 to January 25, 2018
January 14 to January 25, 2018