Burundi – Floods and Rain Leave 1 Dead, Hundreds Displaced

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that 1 person died and 280 were displaced after severe weather in Burundi during the period 02 to 08 March.

Heavy rain on 03 March caused damage in Kabezi and Mutimbuzi communes in Bujumbura Rural province.

Around 140 people were affected in Kabezi, where 62 people were displaced after 11 houses were destroyed and a further 38 damaged. Meanwhile in Mutimbuzi, 58 people were affected, 38 displaced, with 21 houses destroyed and 9 damaged.

Heavy rain on 03 March also triggered flooding in Nyanza-Lac in Makamba Province, where 1 fatality was reported. According to IOM, 85 people were displaced after 17 homes were destroyed and 6 damaged.

Strong winds affected parts of Rumonge Province from 02 March. IOM said 95 people were displaced.