Burundi – 6,400 Families Homeless as Lake Tanganyika Flood “Worsens by the Day” Says Red Cross

The Red Cross in Burundi reports that flooding from the overflowing Lake Tanganyika is worsening by the day and over 6,000 families have been forced from their homes.

Evacuation Camp in Burundi for families displaced by flooding from Lake Tanganyika. Photo: Burundi Red Cross

Levels of the lake have been slowly rising since February 2021. Heavy rainfall since the start of April has worsened the situation with further rainfall predicted until mid-May. The United Nations reported in late April 2021 that around 8,000 families have been affected and 2,000 displaced by flooding in lakeside communities including Bugarama, Kanyenkoko, Muhuta, Nyanza-Lac, Gatumba, Rukaramu, Kibenga, Gisyo and Kabondo.

Since then teams from the Red Cross in Burundi said they have counted around 6,400 homeless households in Gatumba and Rukaramu. Some land in Maramvya has been made available to house some of those didaplced. The Burundi Red Cross has erected emergency shelters there for 467 households and will carry out site development work such as the construction of latrines. The government of Burundi through civil protection in collaboration with UNICEF will supply the site with drinking water.