Cameroon – Flooding and Landslides Cause Death and Damage in Western Areas

At least five people died and many others were injured following a landslide in the North West Region of Cameroon. Meanwhile around 100 people have been left homeless after floods destroyed homes in the South West Region.

Heavy rain has impacted southern and western parts of the country for some time. Over 200 mm of rain fell in 48 hrs to 11 August 2022 in Douala, the coastal city in southwest Cameroon.

The rain triggered a landslide in Widikum, North West Region, on 11 August 2022. According to local media reports, at least 5 people died and several were injured.

Heavy rain in South West Region on 11 August 2022 caused flooding in Mamfe, Manyu Division. As many as 30 homes were destroyed or severely damaged, rendering over 100 people homeless, local media reported.

Roads have been blocked or washed out in affected areas of both North West and South West Regions, disrupting traffic and in some cases leaving travellers stranded. An important road linking the town of Madéin the South West Region to Bamenda, capital city of the North West Region, was blocked. Floods destroyed a bridge in Ebangabi in Manyu Division, South West region on 10 August.

It is a similar situation in neighouring parts of Nigeria, where motorists and road users were trapped in Okuni community, River State, Nigeria, after a heavy rain early 13 August caused the overflow of the Ikom River. Parts of the Ikom-Calabar Highway were impassable, according to the News Agency of Nigeria. Okuni is about 80 km (50 miles) from Mamfe.

Heavy rain affected areas of Cameroon in late June this year. Two young people died after being swept away by flash floods in Bamenda on 26 June 2022. Heavy rain on 30 June caused flooding in parts of Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon. Streets were flooded and vehicles stranded. Local media reported one person died as a result.