Cameroon – Floods Affect Almost 40,000 in Far North Region

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports that flooding has affected 37,000 people in the Far North Region of Cameroon.

Ongoing floods in the Far North Region began in mid-August 2022 as a result of heavy rainfall, overflowing rivers and dyke ruptures.

OCHA said that, as of September 20, as many as 37,439 people from 6,662 families were affected, including approximately 27,000 in the department of Mayo-Danay, 9,000 in Logone and Chari, and 1,300 in Mayo-Tsanaga. At least 2 people have died and around 95 injured.

As many as 9,413 homes and 88 schools have been damaged or destroyed. Around 2,394 hectares of crops have also been damaged, and 3,019 heads of cattle lost.

Many of those affected have moved from to safer areas including in schools or in makeshift camps. The UN said that affected families require food, shelter and health supplies. More rain is expected and the situation is likely to worsen.

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