Chad – 5 Dead, Thousands in Need of Shelter After Heavy Rains in Tandjilé, Says UN

The United Nations reports that 5 people died and thousands are in need of shelter after torrential rain in Chad in central Africa from late June 2021.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) said the rain began on 26 June 2021, affecting the sub-prefectures of Bologo and Dafra, in south-western Tandjilé Prefecture.

UN OCHA said 5 people died and 231 were injured. Furthermore around 4,413 houses were destroyed and over 30 educational and health buildings were severely damaged or destroyed. Livestock also suffered.

The UN says the damage in Tandjilé Prefecture has left 20,000 people in need of shelter, food, and health assistance.

The affected areas were inaccessible for some time. Recently Chadian Red Cross and MSF-Holland have deployed teams to the province to assess the full impact according to the EU’s Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.