Chad – Floods Displace 120,000

Almost 120,000 people were displaced by flooding in Chad in north-central Africa during August 2020, according to a report by International Organization for Migration (IOM).

In N’Djamena, roads and streets turned into rivers while houses in many neighbourhoods were flooded. Photo: IOM

At least 32,000 of those displaced persons are in N’Djamena, the country’s capital city, where 10 people died as a result of flooding that struck on 20 August.

“The flooding has exacerbated the already challenging situation for many of the most vulnerable N’djaménois, who are now seeking refuge in local school buildings after having lost not only their homes but also their livelihoods,” explained Anne Schaefer, IOM Chad’s Chief of Mission.

Floods in N’Djamena, Chad, August 2020. Photo: IOM

Flooding also affected parts of Lac Region since early August, displacing thousands in Kaya and Fouli.

“This year, the Lake Region has recorded the highest rainfall in nearly 30 years. According to the food security cluster, we are at 400mm of rainfall and the rain continues. That is why we are witnessing the flash flooding of villages and fields which leaves thousands of persons displaced,” explained Mouftah Mohamed, IOM Head of sub-office at Bagasola in the Lake province.

Recent satellite images from UNITAR-UNOSAT of the United Nations show wide areas of Salamat, Tandjile and Batha regions were flooded from 20 August 2020.

A preliminary analysis suggest that, within the analyzed area of about 540,000 km2, a total of about 19,000 km2 of lands appear to be flooded. Although still to be validated in the field, based on Worldpop population data and the detected surface waters, about 450,000 people are potentially exposed or living close to flooded areas.

flooded areas of Chad (shown in red) late August 2020. Image: UNITAR / UNOSAT

More heavy rainfall has been reported in the country in recent days. In a 24 hour period to 02 September 2020, 80 mm of rain fell in Pala, capital of the south-western Mayo-Kebbi Ouest region.