Democratic Republic of the Congo – Floods Affect Thousands in Northern Provinces

Heavy rains since the start of August have caused hardship and displacements for thousands of residents of 3 provinces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo).

Flooding struck in Lubutu Territory in the north-eastern Maniema Province after heavy rainfall from around 08 August 2022. Areas of Lubutu town, Oso and Otaka were most affected, with homes and infrastructure damaged. According to reports by the Red Cross, at least 6,634 people have been affected or displaced. Last week a local politician Deputy Stanislas Oleko called on the government and its partners to help the victims of the floods that occurred in Lubutu-center, Oso and Otaka (Maniema).

Flooding also struck in parts of Haut-Uélé Province, also in the north east of the country. Around 3,635 people were affected or displaced, mostly in areas of the provincial capital, Isiro, a city of around 180,000.

Further west, overflowing rivers including the Ubangi River, caused flooding in areas near the town of Zongo in Sud-Ubangi Province. Local media reported about 300 homes were damaged or destroyed and 1,365 people affected or displaced. Meanwhile the Red Cross warned that the flood situation in the region could worsen and potentially over 600,000 people could be exposed to flooding.

Flooding affected parts of Maniema Province in January this year, and again in April when Caritas reported that more than 30,000 people in the communes of Mikelenge, Alunguli and Kasuku were affected by flooding following heavy rain since around 20 April.

Floods in Kindu, Maniema Province DR Congo, late January 2022. Photo: Caritas DR Congo