DR Congo – Over 200,000 Need Aid After Floods in North, Says UN

While the capital city Kinshasa is dealing with devastating flash floods and landslides which have left over 40 people dead, northern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are experiencing some of the worst flooding for 25 years.

Flooding began back in October after heavy rains caused the Ubangi and Congo rivers and tributaries to overflow.

Initially Wide areas of North and South Ubangi provinces were affected. Since then the flood situation has worsened, affecting other provinces, including Mongala, Maniema, Bas-Uélé, Haut-Uélé and Tshopo.

North Ubangi, South Ubangi and Mongala are the worst affected provinces, according to the UN. Schools, bridges, water points, churches, hygiene facilities, farmland and hundreds of shelters have been destroyed. As of 27 November, the UN says that over 225,000 people across the 3 provinces are in need of humanitarian assistance.

It is estimated that over 235,000 people have been affected by the flooding South Ubangi. Charity Caritas-Congo reported 10 flood-related deaths in North Ubangi, where around 180,000 people have been affected.

The situation is expected to deteriorate as the rainy season extends into December.

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