DR Congo – 11 Dead, Many Missing After Flash Floods in North Kivu

Devastating floods struck in North Kivu Province of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo on 02 October, 2020.

The provincial government reported at least 11 fatalities and several people still missing after flooding in the town of Sake, situated near Lake Kivu and close to the border with South Kivu Province. The search for missing people is ongoing and the death toll could rise further.

Heavy rain on the steep slopes surrounding the town from 01 October caused the Mutahyo river to break its banks, sending raging flood waters, mud and debris sweeping through areas of Sake. Houses were washed away and school and health buildings damaged. Dozens of people are thought to be homeless. Bridges were destroyed and roads washed out, cutting connections between Sake and the provincial capital, Goma.

“The damage is enormous,” North Kivu Governor Carly Nzanzu Kasivita said. A local official said the town has been “wiped off the map.”

More than 50 people died in the neighbouring province of South Kivu last month after a landslide, thought to have been triggered by heavy rainfall, caused by the collapse of three gold mines.

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Caution: The video below has images some may find disturbing.