DR Congo – Deadly Flash Floods in North and South Kivu

One person died and 2 are missing after flash floods ripped through the city of Bukavu, capital of the South Kivu Province in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Flooding has also affected areas of neighbouring North Kivu Province.

Meanwhile parts of western Uganda have also seen flooding, with reports of 2 fatalities.

Floods in Bukavu South Kivu Province DR Congo 19 August 2021. Credit: screenshot from a video via Remy Zahiga

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Heavy rain triggered flash flooding in Bukavu on 19 August 2021. Widespread damage was reported, including houses collapsing and roads destroyed. Local media reported one person died in flood waters in Kadutu commune, while one person was missing after floods in the Panzi neighborhood of the city and another in the Cimpunda neighborhood.

Meanwhile in the neighbouring province of North Kivu, heavy rain on 20 August caused the Nyakariba river to break its banks in Rutshuru Territory. Flood water, debris and mud swamped homes and crops, affecting 200 households. Five people were injured but no fatalities were reported.

Uganda and Rwanda

North Kivu shares a border with Uganda, where recent flooding in Kasese District left 2 people dead. Local media said the Nyamughasana, Dunguluha and Mubuku rivers burst their banks on 15 August, leaving 20 households displaced.

The district saw floods and landslides in May this year and again in July. According to media reports over 1,000 people displaced by recent floods are living in cramped conditions at a camp in Karusandara.

South Kivu Province shares a border with Rwanda, which also saw heavy rainfall from around 19 August. Ruhengeri recorded 99mm of rain in 24 hours to 20 August.

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