Egypt – 3 Dead, Hundreds Injured After Floods Trigger Scorpion Infestation

Violent storms struck in southern Egypt from late 12 November 2021. Heavy rain and hail caused some material damages but also brought thousands of scorpions into streets and homes.

The Egyptian Red Crescent said the weather conditions brought a large number of scorpions into residential parts of the city of Aswan and surrounding areas. State media, quoting local officials said 3 people died as a result of scorpion stings. In a statement from the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Abdelghafar said 503 people were treated in hospital after suffering scorpion stings.

Aswan government officials said at least 60 families have been affected by the floods and storms. Six people were injured when the roof of a building collapsed due to the severe weather. Egyptian Red Crescent are carrying out damage assessments following the storm. Initial reports said around 23 houses had been damaged or destroyed. The organisation is providing victims with urgent relief aid. Local media also reported torrential rains in the city of Aswan swept away dozens of bodies from cemeteries in the south of Aswan.

Power supply and drinking water were cut during the storms for safety reasons but were gradually restarted.