Floods Hit Kenya and Tanzania – 3 Killed in Narok County

Kenya Red Cross (KRCS ) reported yesterday that 3 people were killed in flash floods in Narok County, and that above average rainfall and some flooding was seen in several other counties across Kenya.

Meanwhile neighbouring Tanzania also saw heavy rain on 03 November 2015, causing the temporary closure of Mwanza airport.

Kenya – Floods in Narok, Migori, Marsabit, Kisii

Flash floods have once again hit Narok county, this time in Talek, on 02 November 2015. Kenya Red Cross say “3 people were swept away yesterday evening following heavy downpour and their bodies were recovered today morning. Unconfirmed number of houses were damaged”.

Talking to state owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Narok County Police Commandant Abdi Galgalo said a team of security officers were en route to the villages to assess the damage.

“We have received information about the disaster but government officers were en route to the area and we will brief you (after we find out more), but three people are already confirmed dead,” said Galgalo.

Narok is still coming to terms with the flood disaster that struck in April this year, where around 15 people died and several were injured after flash floods hit Narok town.

In Migori County, the Ntimaru – Gitungi bridge has been swept away by heavy rain over the last 2 days. Heavy rain and flooding has also been reported in North Horr, Laisamis and Chalbi desert in Marsabit County. KRCS say that roads leading to the area were inaccessible by motor vehicles and communities. Heavy rain and some minor flooding was also reported in Kisii County.

According to KRCS, further heavy rainfall is expected over the next few days, particularly in North Western, Central, Rift valley, highlands and parts of the Southeast.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook for 05 to 11 November 2015, says:

“For the upcoming outlook period, rainfall forecasts suggest a continuation of enhanced rainfall throughout the Greater Horn, with the heaviest rainfall accumulations forecast for southeastern Ethiopia and Kenya”.

Tanzania – Floods in Mwanza

Local media are reporting that a 4 hour downpour in Mwanza on 03 November 2015caused severe flooding in the city and surrounding areas, and prompted the temporary closure of Mwanza Airport.

Mwanza Regional Police Commander Charles Mkumbo said an unidentified motorcyclist was found dead on Kirumba Street after he was apparently swept away by raging floodwaters.

Around 12 people died in floods in Tanzania during May 2015 after 6 days of torrential rain in Dar es Salaam. Other regions, including Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tanga and Kagera, were also badly affected.

File photo: Floods in Kenya, 2008 . Photo credit: Kenya Red Cross
File photo: Floods in Kenya, 2008 . Photo credit: Kenya Red Cross