Floods Strike Again in Morocco Leaving 4 People Dead

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Authorities in Morocco say that 4 people have died in the last few days as a result of heavy rain and flooding.

The recent deaths come just a month after the south of the country was hit by severe flooding which initially killed as many as 32 people. 11 more people died when floods struck again 1 week later.

Parts of Morocco have seen strong winds and heavy rain over the last few days. Casablanca saw 54 mm of rain fall in 24 hours on 14 December. On 15 December over 55 mm of rain fell in Chefchaouen, according to WMO.


AFP are reporting that three houses collapsed in Casablanca as a result of the heavy rain and winds. Two bodies have been recovered from the ruins. Housing in the city’s sprawling slums is known to be in poor condition and prone to collapse. The cramped conditions make the situation more hazardous, with several families often living in one house. Reports say the collapse of the three houses yesterday affected as many as 14 families.

Casablanca housing - vulnerable to severe weather. Photo: November Delta
File photo: Casablanca housing – vulnerable to severe weather. Photo: November Delta


The Moroccan MAP news agency also reported yesterday a further two deaths as a result of the severe weather. A mother and her young daughter died in Safi after their house collapsed as a result of the recent heavy rain.

EU Aid

Yesterday a  Delegation of the European Union in Morocco announced the €106,000 donation from European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent to provide assistance to the people affected by the floods.

floods in morocco
Floods in Morocco November 2014