Floods in Tanga, Tanzania

During the night of 6 to 7 February a heavy rainfall in the Tanga region of Tanzania caused severe flooding which destroyed around 80 houses, leaving 100s homeless.

The tragedy occurred in Mnyuzi ward in Korogwe district. The regional safety and security committee has asked for assistance and relief aid to support the victims, although the regional government is still collecting details and data on the scope of the incident. Currently many of the displaced are staying with relatives or neighbours.

Similar incidents have been reported in the Tanga districts of Muheza and Handeni, although few details are currently available.

Tanzania’s Morogoro region was badly hit by flooding on 21 January 2014, where 10,000 people were displaced. The worst affected area was Dakawa where farmland, homes and transport infrastructure were badly damaged.

Sources: 24 Tanzania