Ghana – Accra Floods Cause Damage and Fatalities

A heavy downpour lasting several hours caused flooding in parts of Accra, the capital of Ghana, on 07 March 2023.

Ghana Meteorological Agency wanted that, “Southeastern Ghana has been engulfed by a rain-bearing cloud. This is producing rain of varying intensity within the Volta region. Areas within the Greater Accra and Eastern will be affected before drifting to the Central, Western and parts of the Ashanti.”

Roads were swamped severely disrupting traffic in a city regularly impacted by flooding. State broadcaster, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporations said the floods had dumped large amounts of garbage on streets around Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Local media reported two young children died after a building collapsed in the Ngleshi Amanfro neighbourhood in the west of the city. Local officials said many homes in the area have been built in flood plains and in or near drainage channels.

Other media reports said one person died after being electrocuted by power cables in floodwater in a house in Mallam West.

Officials have been discussing flood prevention in the city since 2015 after dozens of people died in a petrol station fire while attempting to take shelter from flooding.

Following the tragedy, President Mahama said that the floods in Accra have been exacerbated by “uncontrolled human settlement” and “unbridled littering”.

“Drastic steps are necessary here if we are to permanently address this perennial problem. We will intensify efforts to expand and modernize our drainage system,” he added.

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Featured image: File photo for illustration only. Rain, trash and floods in Accra, 2014. Photo: PapJeff under Creative Commons