Ghana – Flash Floods in Accra

Two hours of heavy rain on Friday 31 January 2014 led to flash floods across the Ghana capital Accra. Although no casualties have been reported, property and buildings have been damaged and roads blocked.

Local media say that the Central Business District was completely under water. Other areas of the city affected by flooding include Mataheko, Dansoman, Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Kaneshie. There have been no casualties although some media reports claim that emergency service had to carry out some rescues.

Floods in Accra, Ghana
Floods in Accra, Ghana

Many residents have blamed the city’s poor drainage system for the flooding. Many drainage channels are often obstructed with refuse dumped by nearby residents.

Such heavy rainfall – although not unknown – is quite unusual for this time of year. Ghana has two rainy seasons. The main one usually starts in April, peaks between May and June and ends around mid-July. The second rainy season occurs in October, although there were floods in north east Ghana in September last year.

Sources And Photos: Vibe Ghana