Ghana – Deadly Floods Hit Central Region

The heavy rain has continued to fall in parts of Ghana, and more flooding has been reported, this time in Central Region.

Local media report that at least 5 people have died in Cape Coast as a result of flooding and heavy rain which were accompanied by strong winds, thunderstorms and lightning.

Three people died after a house collapsed. Another victims died after being electrocuted by power cables falling into flood water. The fifth victim is thought to have drowned in flood water.

The flooding has damaged properties and roads and caused major disruptions to transport.

The latest flood tragedy comes a few days after the country’s capital, Accra, was once again left under water. A young child was missing in the floods and is now presumed dead. The floods in Accra come almost exactly 12 months after the Goil Fuel Station flood and fire disaster of June 2015.

The recent wave of heavy rain has also affected other parts of the country, including Axim in Western Region, which recorded 99 mm of rain in 24 hours between 12 and 13 June. No flooding has as yet been reported.

Flood Summary

Last updated: July 13, 2016

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    Is the International Red Cross or United Nations providing assistance in these areas?

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