Kenya – Floods in Mombasa Damage Homes and Leave 1 Dead – More Heavy Rain Forecast

Flooding hit parts of Mombasa county, Kenya, on Sunday 24 April, 2016, after torrential rainfall that began late on Saturday and continued throughout the night. The floods have damaged homes and buildings and caused the death of a young boy.

Kenya Meteorological Department have issued warnings for further heavy rainfall and storms over the coming 48 hours at least.

Floods in Mombasa County

Heavy rains pounded areas in and around Mombasa from late Saturday. A total of 131mm was recorded in Mtwapa in just 12 hours between 23 and 24 April. By early Sunday locals awoke to see flood waters submerging their houses and other buildings in their communities, including churches. The areas of Bamburi, Mtopanga and Utange are thought to be among the worst hit.

One victim – thought to be a young old boy – is reported to have died after he was electrocuted when he stepped on live wire hanging from a collapsed electricity pole.

Roads connecting towns and villages were also submerged, limiting mobility to various destinations. An unconfirmed number of buildings are reported to have collapsed and several houses destroyed.

Areas of coastal Kenya, particularly Kwale county, suffered flooding just a few days ago after Tropical Cyclone Fantala dumped large amounts of rain in the area. 131mm of rainfall was recorded in Kwale on Friday, 15 April in 4 hours.

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Heavy Rain and Storm Advisory

Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) has issued a warning for further heavy rainfall and possible flooding in the area.

Heavy rainfall of more than 40mm in 24 hours is expected in areas of the Kenyan coast on Wednesday 27 April, with more than 50 mm in 24 hours expected the next day.

KMD say that the counties of Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, Tana-River, Lamu, Narok, Kericho, Kisii and Bomet could be affected.

People are advised to exercise caution and be on the lookout for heavy downpours which are likely to floods.


Satellite images from EUMETSAT indicated deep convective clouds in most parts of eastern Africa and the Congo basin.

EUMETSAT convective clouds 24 April 2016. Image: EUMETSAT
EUMETSAT convective clouds 24 April 2016. Image: EUMETSAT

A ten-day weather forecast from ICPAC indicated the probability of cumulative rainfall of up to 250mm from 18 to 27 April, 2016.

The Kenya Meteorological Service in its 5-day forecast had also indicated that the coast would experience enhanced rainfall. Current satellite images generally indicate that many parts of Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) will continue experiencing significant rainfall even as the season progresses.

A ten-day precipitation forecast by ICPAC from 18 to 27 April, 2016. Image: ICPAC
A ten-day precipitation forecast by ICPAC from 18 to 27 April, 2016. Image: ICPAC